The Beautiful Caves In Halong (Part 2)


  1. Luon Cave

Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon Island, about 14 km south of Bai Chay Beach. In front of Luon Cave is Con Rua Island, on the right is Cong Troi (Heaven Gate). Luon Cave is located in a steep cliff area, with clear blue water throughout the year. The reason is called Hang Luon because the cave is created from a closed circular arc, in the middle is a lake connected to the sea by a tunnel. Luon cave is nearly 60m long, the roof of the cave is 2.5m to 4m high, depending on the tide. When going into the cave, in the high tide, the client must bow down to "pass" through the cave. Perhaps that is why the cave is called Luon Cave. When entering the cave, you will recognise that the cave has many beautiful and magic stalactites that make visitors excited.
The Beautiful Caves In Halong (Part 2)
After going through the cave, visitors will come to a vast lake, surrounded by mountains and luxuriant trees. It can be said that the scenery in Luon Cave is as perfectly beautiful as the painting of nature. The caves like Luon Cave exist not much in Ha Long Bay. Therefore, this is one of the places creating attractions, captivating tourists to visit and admire. Many tourists travelling to Ha Long have taken the time to visit this cave. Luon Cave is also considered one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay.
  1. Bo Nau Cave

Bo Nau Cave is located about 2-3 km from Trong Mai island to the Southeast. Bo Nau Cave is a frogmouth shape, about 200 square meters wide, the bottom of the cave is wide, not deep and flat. To this day, Bo Nau Cave still retains its pristine beauty. This cave is like the other beautiful caves in Ha Long, having a lot of stalactites. The ceiling of the cave has cracks so the outside light could brighten into the cave. According to legend, the reason the cave was named Bo Nau because, in the past days, the people here used the cave as a place to dye the sail with qua nau. In Bo Nau Cave there is a chessboard-shaped slate with 3 gods sitting to play chess. In front of the cave is an island. Sitting in this area visitors can admire the island and other beautiful scenes in Ha Long Bay. The cave has an extremely beautiful photographic corner, which is the place that creates much artistic inspiration of many photographers. Bo Nau Cave is also named in the list of famous beautiful caves in Ha Long. Bo Nau Cave is located in a complex of places to visit such as Luon Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Ti-Top Cave, Trong Cave ...
  1. Tam Cung cave

Tam Cung Cave is located in the center of Ha Long Bay, about 5 km from the Sung Sot Cave to the Northeast. Tam Cung Cave is located on May Den Island - the island is almost completely separated from other islands. The cave is divided into 3 compartments, with many beautiful stalactites. Many stalactites with strange shapes attract the gaze of visitors. The stalactites are made into vivid shapes like the god with silver-haired beards, or the three "ong tam da" on the wall of the cave. Stone stalactite ceiling shaped like white orchid cacti flowers blooming among the stalactites forest. Especially the second compartment of the cave is like a very lively natural museum with images of stone lions, seals, and water god statues ... In the cave, there is a stream of fairies all year round murmuring. The walls have drooping stalactites like graceful curtains, which look very beautiful. And in the final compartment, visitors will be able to admire the extremely majestic reliefs on which are elaborately carved by nature with bizarre shapes. Tam Cung cave has contributed to making the list of beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay more and more diverse. For more information/details: Halong Amazing SailsAmazing Sails Luxury Day Tour