Speciality Of Ha Long - Barnacle Soup


Ha Long is a tourist land with a lot of diverse and abundant dishes, so visitors will surely be hesitated to choose the dish to enjoy. In many special dishes of Ha Long, this article will introduce visitors to a traditional dish of Ha Long people - barnacle soup dishes. Discover the interesting things in this food. Speciality Of Ha Long - Barnacle Soup

Barnacle soup - speciality of Ha Long

Along with many famous specialties in Ha Long such as squid meatball, Ha Long seafood vermicelli, Mulard, or seafood dishes ... Barnacle soup dish is also a special dish of Ha Long that tourists should not miss if you have a chance to travel to Ha Long. For Ha Long residents, the Barnacle soup is a regular dish that appears in family meals. It can be said that Barnacle soup is a dish associated with the maturity of each people of Ha Long. The Barnacle soup is sure to be a dish that makes visitors fascinated when they enjoy it once in Ha Long beach.

Barnacle soup - a charming taste of the sea

Barnacle soup is one of the specialities of Ha Long tourism, which makes many tourists have to "remember" after finishing their Ha Long trip. However, for many first-time tourists in Ha Long, the Barnacle soup is still strange. Referring to the name of the Barnacle soup, everyone will understand that the main ingredient of this dish is Barnacle. So what is Barnacle? Barnacle is also typical seafood of Ha Long waters. Barnacle meat is a savoury, soft, fatty, rich and sweet. Barnacle is a delicious and nutritious seafood. In order to be able to process soup dishes, the local people in Ha Long need to have the cooked meat. Separating the shells is one of the most difficult stages to process soup. Separation of the shell must be made with a sharp knife tip, after separation of the shells, it is necessary to rinse it again. For the locals of Ha Long, the Barnacle can be used to process many different dishes such as salad, stir-fried dish, Fried with egg, Porridge ... However, Barnacle soup is still one of the dishes processed from the most typical Barnacle of Ha Long people. Along with the main ingredient is Barnacle, the sweetness of the soup is also made from other ingredients such as tomatoes, pineapples, dried onions, green onions, tamarind, spices ... The soup is cooked like those the normal sour soup but the delicious and strange taste of this dish is thanks to the deliciousness of the Barnacle meat that visitors can hardly find anywhere else. The soup can be used hot or cold, but the hot soup is still the best. Barnacle soup is usually eaten by Ha Long locals with rice or vermicelli. To enjoy Ha Long Barnacle soup, visitors can go to restaurants, restaurants for families. In addition, visitors can find fishing villages in Ha Long. In the Halong fishing villages, visitors can find fishermen and hire them to cook a Ha Long seafood soup. Indeed, the Barnacle soup is an extremely popular, simple but quality food that contains a tremendous value of Ha Long cuisine. Barnacle soup is a special dish of Ha Long that always makes visitors remember after each of their trips. It is not only an attractive dish in form but also has many nutrients that give more power to visitors to begin their journey to discover Ha Long. For more information/details: Halong Amazing SailsHalong Amazing CruiseAmazing Sails Luxury Day Tour