Kim Quy Cave


Halong is a tourist city known for its many tourist attractions, with beautiful beaches, mysterious caves ... And Kim Quy Cave is a beautiful cave in the system of famous caves. of Ha Long along with Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave, Luon Cave, etc. Let's join Halong Bay Vietnam Cruise to explore the interesting things of this impressive cave.
Kim Quy Cave
  1. Introduction to Kim Quy Cave

Kim Quy cave is located on Dam Nam island, with a 187m high peak. In front is Dam Bac island, behind is Soi Sim island. At Kim Quy Cave, water flows throughout the four seasons, from which stalactites are formed, curving down to create a very mysterious and wonderful scenery. Kim Quy cave is also associated with the story of Golden Turtle legend. The story is told that after the Golden Turtle helped King Le Loi to defeat the enemy, the Golden Turtle took back the sword and flew to the East sea. When coming back to Ha Long, this place appeared many aquatic monsters, affecting and disturbing the lives of people. Therefore, the Golden Turtle asked permission to eradicate the sea monster. The Golden Turtle tried to destroy the monster but due to its limited strength, it was turned into stone when it reached the cave. Visitors to Kim Quy Cave will still see a turtle-shaped stone statue with many wounds. Currently, Kim Quy Cave is also a popular destination and not to be missed in Ha Long tours.
  1. Discover the beauty of Kim Quy Cave

Kim Quy Cave is one of Ha Long's most attractive and interesting tourist destinations. Coming to Kim Quy Cave, visitors will experience many new things that are difficult to experience anywhere else. The milky white stalactites from the ceiling create an extremely mysterious scene that visitors seem to be able to see only in the footage. Going deep into the cave, visitors will gradually see puddles of water murmuring throughout the four seasons, so cool. Here, crystal clear water can see beautiful stone veins created by nature. Walking around in the cave really will make visitors feel like walking on a unique artwork. What is particularly impressive in Kim Quy Cave compared to many other caves is that it has natural light and colourful lights system are arranged around. All create a very fanciful setting. Looking upon visitors can see the full colour of light adjacent to each other, this light is reflected on the water surface and then hit the stone walls, making the surroundings bring a lot of colours. Along with the beautiful scenery is the sound of flowing water, all blended will surely make visitors excited. Arriving in the innermost compartment of Kim Quy Cave, visitors will see clearly the existence of the battlefield of Bach Dang where in the past, Tran Hung Dao made terrifying Mong Nguyen soldiers. Wood piles at the battle on the Bach Dang River still exist today, more than 30 wooden poles are plugged into the river. These are cracks of limestone but very solid. Thus, when visiting Kim Quy Cave, visitors will not only be able to see the wonderful beauty that Creator gave to this cave but also see a part of what happened in the history of our country.