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How to Get to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi: Your Comprehensive Travel Guide

1. Private Car: Flexibility and Comfort

  • Distance: Approximately 170 kilometers
  • Travel Time: 2 – 2.5 hours via the new highway
  • Cost: From 2,300,000 – 4,500,000 VND for a round trip

Renting a private car provides the freedom to plan your itinerary, make stops, and travel at your own pace. Operators like BestPrice Travel or Bookaway can assist in arranging this convenient option. 

2. Local Bus: Economical and Convenient

  • Distance: Approximately 170 kilometers
  • Travel Time: 2.5 – 3 hours via the new highway
  • Cost: From 100,000 VND to 250,000 VND per person for a one-way trip

For an economical journey, local buses from My Dinh, Giap Bat, or Gia Lam Stations are viable options, offering affordable fares and regular departures.

Hanoi To Halong Bay Bus: Schedule & Price 2023

3. Shuttle Bus: Efficient Transportation

  • Distance: Approximately 170 kilometers
  • Travel Time: 2.5 – 3 hours via the new highway
  • Cost: From 350,000 VND to 500,000 VND per person for a one-way trip within Hanoi Old Quarter

Shuttle buses, like those from Van Don Xanh or Kumho Viet Thanh, efficiently bridge Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, suitable for budget-conscious travelers.

4. Limousine: Comfort and Style

  • Distance: Approximately 170 kilometers
  • Travel Time: About 2.5 hours via the new highway
  • Cost: Around 575,000 VND per person for a one-way ticket

Opt for a touch of comfort with limousines offering amenities like Wi-Fi, massage chairs, and a swift journey. VIP Anh Huy and Trung Thanh Limousine are recommended providers.

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5. Motorbike: Adventure at Your Own Pace

  • Average Travel Time: 3 – 4 hours

Renting a motorbike in Hanoi allows for customization and adventure. Choose between routes through Bac Ninh or Hai Duong, enjoying scenic views along the way.

6. Train: Budget-Friendly and Scenic

  • Distance: Approximately 164 kilometers
  • Travel Time: 6 hours and 45 minutes
  • Cost: Around 92,000 VND for a one-way journey per person

Experience an authentic journey by taking the train (No. 50501) from Yen Vien station to Halong station, providing a leisurely pace to soak in the landscapes. 

Train from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay: Experiencing a seamless journey 2023

7. From Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay: Buses, Taxis, and Limousines

  • Bus: Anbasco Noibai Services offers shuttle buses starting at 290,000 VND per person. Public buses to Gia Lam Bus Station are also an option.
  • Taxi: Taxis offer flexibility and cost around 1.3 million to 1.5 million VND for four people.
  • Limousine: Limousines with 9 seats from operators like Co To Limousine start from Noi Bai Airport and cost around 400,000 to 450,000 VND.

Whether you seek flexibility, budget-friendliness, or a touch of luxury, Ha Long Bay is easily accessible from Hanoi. Choose the mode of transportation that aligns with your travel style, and embark on a memorable journey to this breathtaking destination.

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Traveling from Hanoi to the stunning Ha Long Bay offers various transportation options, each catering to different preferences and budgets. Here's your comprehensive guide on the ways to reach this UNESCO World Heritage Site:

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