How Interesting Is Halong Bay?


How Interesting Is Halong Bay?

Arriving in Ha Long Bay, visitors will enjoy the fresh natural atmosphere, admire the beauty of nearly 2000 islands of different large and small sizes, and enjoy the special dishes of Ha Long beach.
Ti Top Island
  1. Enjoy Ha Long Bay from the seaplane

Hai Au Airlines is gradually completing flights to admire Ha Long Bay from above with seaplanes. A 40-minute seaplane flight from Hanoi to Ha Long, of which 30 minutes is the time to travel from Hanoi to Ha Long, the remaining 10 minutes will be the time when visitors will see the beauty of nearly 2000 large and small islands on Halong Bay. Glass doors on seaplanes are designed to be large and wide for tourists to admire easier. From 300m high on the seaplane, visitors will see beautiful islands on Ha Long Bay such as Dau Go Island, Titop Island, Co To Island ... and countless other beautiful islands before landing in the harbour of Tuan Chau.
  1. Visit the beaches on Halong Bay

Halong Bay has many pristine, beautiful and attractive beaches such as Bai Chay Beach, Tuan Chau Beach, Co To Beach, Titop beach, etc. Each beach has blue water on the white sandy beach that makes visitors extremely excited. On summer days, the beaches in Ha Long attract a lot of tourists to swim and sunbathe.
  1. Kayak and explore Halong Bay

In Ha Long Bay, there is a water sport enjoyed by many tourists, kayaking. Sitting on a kayak, visitors can freely row to beautiful islands on Ha Long Bay, watching the cool blue and clear seawater and beautiful natural scenery in Ha Long. Kayaking to explore Ha Long Bay is voted by many tourists as one of the extremely interesting travel experiences that tourists should not ignore. In addition, Ha Long Bay was selected by National Geographic Adventures magazine as one of the world's top 25 kayaking sites.
  1. Discover famous caves

Not only famous for the beautiful big tourist islands, but Ha Long Bay also has a system of extremely large and mysterious caves for visitors to explore. According to the tourist manual when travelling to Ha Long, tourists should visit the famous caves of Ha Long such as Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave, Luon Cave ...
  1. Overnight on Halong Bay

Overnight on Ha Long Bay is considered one of the most fascinating experiences for tourists during their visit to Ha Long Bay. The yachts on Ha Long Bay are considered high-end miniature hotels with full amenities at nightfall. Tourists sleeping overnight on Ha Long Bay will be able to see the beauty of the bay at night, watching the stars on the deck, being relaxed into Ha Long nature at night ...
  1. Explore the Sun World Ha Long Park amusement park

If you still do not know what Halong tourism has for playing, try once to visit the Sun World Ha Long Park amusement park in Hon Gai. Sun World Ha Long Park is a very large amusement park including a beach complex and an entertainment complex atop Hon Gai. Both complexes have many interesting places to visit and play with each other connected by a 2-floor bus cable system. Dragon Park entertainment area at the beach entertainment complex is the most attractive place for tourists here. In Dragon Park, visitors will be able to participate in the most exciting entertainment and adventure games in Vietnam such as Phi Long Than Toc, Madness Rhino, Miraculous Swing, etc.
  1. Visit the coastal fishing villages

The beautiful, quiet and peaceful coastal villages of Ha Long are one of the extremely interesting tourist destinations in Ha Long tourism tour. Here, visitors will admire the simple, rustic fishing village and enjoy the delicious dishes made from caught seafood near the fishing village. The famous coastal villages of Ha Long are visited by many tourists, namely Cua Van fishing village, Vung Vieng, Ba Hang ...