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Hanoi Specialty – Bun Thang

Bun thang is one of the hard-to-resist delicious specialties of Hanoi cuisine. Vermicelli has a strong aroma of shrimp, delicious taste of lean pork paste, fried egg slices and a rich sweet taste of broth making tourists once at a time remember forever.

Hanoi Specialty – Bun Thang

Introduction about bun thang Hanoi

Bun thang is a flavorful dish of Hanoi cuisine. This noodle dish is special in that it is made from more than 20 ingredients. These ingredients are elaborately, meticulously and carefully processed so that they all appear in extremely attractive Hanoi specialties with name of bun thang.

Bun thang originated from Trang An but this dish has long been associated with the people of the capital. Bun thang is so famous for many visitors and also Hanoians because this is a very delicious and famous dish in the capital.

Not only special because of the number of ingredients used for processing, bun thang also attracts tourists because the presentation is quite sophisticated and eye-catching. Bun thang is usually arranged in the shape of five-petal petals, each petal is a color of ingredients, including meat, sliced ​​eggs, lean pork paste, green onions … If evaluated on the point of the presentation, the dish is worthy of one of the most sophisticated Hanoi dishes. Therefore, many travel companies organize Hanoi tours and often choose noodle dishes for tourists to enjoy in some meals.

Currently, there are many famous bun thang shops in Hanoi, each has a noodle dish with its own unique flavor. But despite enjoying the noodle dish in any restaurant, visitors still feel the strong flavor of Hanoi cuisine hidden in each noodle bowl.

How to cook bun thang in Hanoi standard

To make a delicious bowl of hanoi traditional food, the preparation of ingredients is the most important because important ingredients are the key of a bowl of bun thang. The noodle ingredients are carefully prepared, from chicken eggs, lean pork paste, pork bone bones … to vegetable and vermicelli.

The materials after being fully prepared will be well processed. Raw materials such as chicken and pork bones will be boiled or cooked. Chicken after being cooked will be torn into small fibers and the bone tube will be stewed until soft bone then take the broth. Broth is an important factor in the noodle dish, so when you stew the bone, you need to pay attention to make fire small so that the bone is soft.

Another raw material also needs to be prepared and cooked well as tiger shrimp. Black tiger shrimp will be boiled, then peeled, finely crushed and roasted in cooking oil, fish sauce to make shrimp have a strong aroma. In addition, fried chicken eggs and lean pork paste, radish, carrots and lettuce leaves will be chopped.

Although sophisticating, this is a common way of processing used by many restaurants and eateries to process Hanoi street food – bun thang. After the processing has been completed, the ingredients will be put in a vermicelli bowl and arranged to make the vermicelli bowl attractive to customers.

Bun thang shops attract tourists in Hanoi

Bun thang Hang Hom

The famous Hang Hom Street with 2 noodle shops is always crowded. The first shop is located at 2 Hang Chi Lane, the shop name is Thuan Ly. The shop selling bun thang very delicious, many food but the price is cheap so it is very crowded.

The second shop is located at 11 Hang Hom. A part of the restaurant’s vermicelli is always full of chicken, lean pork paste, fried eggs, radishes, mushroom… In addition, the flavor of the fragrant chicken broth and mushrooms of the shop is also very attractive.

Bun thang Giang Vo

Giang Vo noodle shop in D2 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi is one of the very famous bun thang addresses in Hanoi capital. Vermicelli Vo famous by the broth with a delicious savoury taste. In addition, in the Giang Vo noodle bowl, there is a pungent taste of chilli, a sour taste of lemon, garlic, savoury taste of bones …, all converge to create a very wonderful noodle bowl.

Bun thang Ha Hoi

Bun thang Ha Hoi offers visitors on hanoi food tours the special noodle bowls from the early 20th century. The bun thang of the shop is very simple but still full of ingredients such as chopped fried eggs, chopped lean pork paste, torn chicken meat, mushroom, etc. Bun thang Ha Hoi has so clear broth, the taste is so charming. The shop usually sells from 7 am – 12 pm but at 6:30 a shop has noodles to serve tourists.

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Bun Thang, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup from Hanoi, is a visually appealing and flavorful dish that attracts tourists with its delicate combination of ingredients, including chicken, omelet, herbs, and a savory broth.

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