Halong Specialty – Tien Yen Hill Chicken


Halong Bay is a tourist city with beautiful and charming natural scenery. Not only that, but this place is also famous for many delicious specialty dishes, attracting tourists. Among the specialties in Ha Long, Tien Yen hill chicken is probably a dish that any tourist wants to enjoy when traveling to Ha Long.
Halong Specialty – Tien Yen Hill Chicken

Hill Chicken of Tien Yen - famous specialty in Ha Long

During the tour of Ha Long, visitors will be attracted by the famous specialty dishes such as squid meatball, Mantis shrimps vermicelli, grilled oyster ... and especially the delicious hill chicken Tien Yen, famous for Ha Long Bay and Quang Ninh Province. In Ha Long, there is a saying that "Mong Cai pork - Dam Ha girl - Tien Yen chicken". In the above sentence, Tien Yen hill chicken is the specialty of Tien Yen. The origin of the name hill chicken Tien Yen is that this dish originated from Tien Yen (a small district in Quang Ninh province) located 70km from the tourist city of Ha Long. Tien Yen District is famous for its hill chicken specialties. The chickens here are raised according to the traditional method of free-grazing, they will look for insects, crickets, ants ... to eat. Thanks to this natural "free-grazing" method, Tien Yen chicken has a savoury taste, not tough and especially tender, and crispy golden chicken skin looks extremely attractive. To be able to enjoy the specialties of Tien Yen Chicken Hill, visitors should go to Tien Yen. In addition to the specialty of Tien Yen chicken hill, Tien Yen district, there are many famous specialties such as gat gu cakes, luc lac beef, etc.

Delicious dishes prepared from Tien Yen hill chicken

Boiled chicken

Tien Yen hill chicken is very delicious and can be processed into many grilled, fried, fried dishes ... but the best is still boiled chicken. Chicken is boiled whole. When boiled, chicken Tien Yen hill has a yellow skin layer very eye-catching. Especially, after being cooked, the chicken meat is torn but not cut, so the chicken will not be crushed and retain the delicious taste. The best part of Tien Yen chicken when boiled is not meat but chicken skin. Tien Yen chicken skin when boiled is both thick and very crunchy. Visitors only need to bite a golden piece of Tien Yen chicken skin and enjoy it, it is hard to forget the tough and hard-to-describe flavor.

Grilled chicken with honey

Another very attractive dish made from Ha Long tourist specialty - chicken Tien Yen hill that tourists cannot ignore is the Tien Yen chicken hill grilled with honey. Chicken Tien Yen toasted with honey has a delicious taste that is hard to describe. After being prepared, the chicken will be spread with a layer of honey, then grilled on charcoal. While baked on charcoal fire, Tien Yen chicken meat will be firmer and do not lose the inherent flavour. In addition, the sweetness of honey will make it difficult for customers to resist the deliciousness of this dish. In addition to grilled honey chicken, grilled chicken, grilled chicken with salt and chilli, deep fried chicken ... are also delicious dishes that tourists who come to Tien Yen also want to enjoy.

Enjoy chicken Tien Yen hill and banh gat gu

If you have enjoyed the Tien Yen hill chicken, you should also ask for a part of banh gat gu. Banh gat gu is rolled rice paper, about 2 fingers in size. When holding the cake, the cake "nod" to two sides, so it was called "gat gu". Usually, 1 plate of banh gat gu brought to visitors will have from 5-7 pieces. It is no coincidence that in Tien Yen people often eat Tien Yen hill chicken with banh gat gu. The reason is that the banh gat gu eaten with Tien Yen chicken fat sauce is very delicious. In addition to chicken fat, in the bowl of dipping sauce, there are fish sauce, dried onion, garlic, chili ... It can be said that, for gourmets, no one will miss the opportunity to enjoy banh gat gu with Tien Yen hill chicken. Tien Yen hill chicken is one of most delicious specialties of Ha Long. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Long, please go to Tien Yen to enjoy this extremely attractive specialty hill chicken dish. For more information/details: Halong Amazing SailsHalong Amazing CruiseAmazing Sails Luxury Day Tour