Halong Specialty - Mulard


  1. Mulard - speciality of Ha Long

Mulard is one of the famous specialities of Quang Ninh that any visitor when coming to this land should also enjoy once. Perhaps, the name of the mulard is still very much strange to tourists. So what is mulard? This article will provide visitors with the following introduction: Mulard is a hybrid between the different genera the domestic muscovy and the domestic mallard. Because of being bred from two types of poultry, the mulard inherited the greatest advantages of both species.
Halong Specialty - Mulard
Mulard is raised on a small scale in some localities of our country such as Thanh Lien district, Tien Du district, Tien Yen district (Quang Ninh) ... in which, mulard in Quang Ninh has rated the best quality. Mulard has become a popular speciality of Ha Long tourism. In Ha Long tours, mulard is also a dish that is always on the list of certain dishes to enjoy when travelling in Ha Long.
  1. Enjoy the specialties of Ha Long mulard

Arriving in Ha Long, immersing yourself in the majestic natural scenery is a wonderful thing, but don't forget to enjoy the famous specialties. Mulard in Tien Yen Quang Ninh is very firm, savoury and not fishy. Mulard can be processed into many dishes, often local people in Quang Ninh like to boil, grill, cook porridge ... When enjoying boiled mulard or mulard porridge, visitors will feel the most savoury and fragrant taste of meat. Whole boiled mulard is the favourite dish of many local people in Ha Long. After being boiled, it still retains the sweet and firm taste of meat. Boiled mulard will be cut into pieces or shredded, dotted with ginger fish sauce, becoming the best combination. If you want to use more delicious and savory meat, you can enjoy grilled or baked mulard. Enjoy roasted or stewed mulard, visitors will feel the greasiness of meat thanks to the thick, golden and plump skin, the meat will not be too tough. Baked or stewed mulard will be much better when you eat with sticky rice.
  1. Good mulard shops in Ha Long

Mulard is a special dish that tourists can not miss. So, where should we enjoy delicious mulard when travelling Ha Long? Surely tourists are very eager to find the answer to have a chance to enjoy this delicious food. the article as below will introduce visitors to some delicious food spots in Ha Long: Tien Yen Mulard. Tan Yen Mulard. Mulard shop in Cao Xanh area, Ha Long city. Mulard in Bai Chay area. Mulard is an indispensable dish in festivals of Ha Long locals. Therefore, tourists when travelling to Ha Long do not miss the opportunity to experience the extremely delicious Ha Long speciality.