Halong Specialty – Grilled Oysters


Among all the famous grilled seafood dishes in Ha Long, grilled oysters are probably the dish that any tourist who comes to Ha Long knows and wants to enjoy. Halong Specialty – Grilled Oysters

Grilled oysters - extremely attractive speciality dishes

Oysters are mollusc seafood, rich in minerals and nutrition, can be processed into many delicious dishes. Unlike many other water areas, oysters in Ha Long are very fresh, savoury and delicious. In addition, oyster meat also tastes a bit salty taste of the sea, so there is no need to add too many spices when processing but still retain the strong taste of oysters. With its inherent taste, oysters are the raw material to process many delicious dishes such as fresh oysters with squeezed lemon, grilled oysters, oyster porridge, etc. Among the dishes made from oyster meat, grilled oysters are dishes that are loved many tourists joining in Ha Long tour. Grilled oysters are also a simple dish sold a lot in the marine seafood cuisine areas, coastal restaurants, raft houses in Ha Long. Ha Long grilled oysters are so popular that visitors can easily find roadside seafood shops that sell this dish. If you want to enjoy fresh and delicious grilled oysters, tourists should choose seafood shops in the 3 - 5 encampment, raft houses or Ben Doan ...

Grilled oysters attract tourists

Roasted Oysters with fried scallion

In Ha Long tourism specialties, oysters are a specialty suitable for most grilled dishes. Simple grilled dishes that are most easily prepared from oysters are grilled oysters with fried scallion. Raw oysters after being washed will be put on a hot charcoal stove for grilling. When the oysters are nearly cooked, scatter onion, some spices, dried onions with be added on the oysters to create flavour and aroma full of stimulation for the dish. In order for the grilled oysters to be delicious, the chef will make oysters under-done instead of making it over-done.

Grilled oysters with cheese

Besides grilled oyster oysters, visitors should enjoy grilled oysters with cheese. This dish has quite simple processing. The oysters are washed, then grilled over charcoal with cheese until it becomes well-cooked. The sweetness of oysters combined with the fat of cheese makes a grilled oyster dish very tasty and nutritious. In addition, some travellers also prefer to combine 2 types of grilled oysters to enjoy at the same time. This is also a popular way to eat oysters by many gourmets in Ha Long. In some big restaurants, there are oysters grilled with sweet and sour tamarind sauce, sasimi grilled oysters ... very attractive and have a very special flavor.

Other oyster dishes in Ha Long

Besides grilled oysters, visitors to Ha Long can enjoy many delicious dishes made from oysters. The most delicious must include oysters with tamarind sauce. Sweet and fatty oysters combined with sourness of tamarind sauce are really stimulating people to eat. Served with the oyster dish with tamarind sauce also has herbs to add flavour to the dish. This is a simple dish so large restaurants and seafood restaurants near the beach have oysters with tamarind sauce in their menu. In addition to oysters with tamarind sauce, another favourite dish of many people in Ha Long is the fresh oyster with lemon juice. In this dish, oysters must be washed thoroughly to remove all sand inside. When eating, visitors will squeeze lemon on oysters to make oyster meat cooked, then enjoy with fresh chilli and mustard. However, in order to make delicious oysters with lemon juice, raw oysters must be really fresh.

The addresses of delicious grilled oysters in Ha Long

Grilled oysters are popular specialities with the price of 30,000 - 50,000 VND / fish, so there are many restaurants and bars selling this dish. Special Snail 290: No. 347, Lane 8, Cao Thang, Hon Gai. Address 290 Special Snails are known by many tourists, specializing in selling sea shellfish, crab, oyster, dried squid, etc. The grilled oyster at the shop is quite cheap, only 20,000 VND / oyster. In addition to grilled oyster oysters, the restaurant also has very good boiled stone snails. Ngoc Son Restaurant: No. 538 Cai Dam, Bai Chay. Ngoc Son Restaurant is famous for grilled dishes such as grilled snails, grilled squid, grilled oysters, grilled chicken legs ... In addition to the grilled dishes, the restaurant also has very attractive snacks such as stir-fry snail, sautéed snails with tamarind... With only 100,000 VND / person, visitors can enjoy delicious seafood dishes in Ha Long at the restaurant. Grilled oysters are delicious seafood dishes that tourists should try when traveling to Ha Long. There are also still many special dishes beside grilled oysters waiting for visitors at the beautiful Halong Bay resort. For more information/details: Halong Amazing SailsHalong Amazing CruiseAmazing Sails Luxury Day Tour