Halong Specialty – Apricot Liquor


Ha Long is one of Vietnam's major tourist attractions, captivating visitors not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries. Therefore, Ha Long tourism specialties are also very focused. In this article, we will introduce to visitors one of Ha Long's specialties that tourists should not ignore that is Yen Tu apricot liquor.
Halong Specialty – Apricot Liquor
  1. Yen Tu apricot liquor - Ha Long tourism specialty

Yen Tu apricot liquor is a tourist speciality in Ha Long, it has become an indispensable product of the people here. Yen Tu apricot liquor has appeared since ancient times, associated with the development of Ha Long city, Quang Ninh. Yen Tu apricot wine is distilled by the people here to use for holidays, ancestor worshipping, wedding, meeting with friends. It can be seen that Yen Tu apricot wine always appears in special moments of the people of Ha Long and Quang Ninh.
  1. Processing of the apricot wine of Ha Long people

Yen Tu apricot wine is considered to be an extremely delicious and quite strange wine that many tourists are curious about the stages of processing wine of Ha Long people. An indispensable ingredient for making apricot wine is apricot. Apricot is a precious medicine that is classified as a liver tonic, very beneficial for health. So if you use apricot wine properly, visitors will not only feel the deliciousness of alcohol but also help treat coughs and breathlessness. It also helps us cool the liver, clear heat, supplements vitamins, strengthen the body's resistance, etc. Apricot wine is processed by fermenting fresh apricots. Every March and April each year, apricots will be soaked to ferment, however, depending on the region, local people have different the formula for making apricot wine. Therefore, apricot wines have different flavours but still retain the natural taste of apricot and sweet honey. Especially, Yen Tu apricot wine now incorporates traditional fermentation distillation method with Japanese science and technology process to make wine more aromatic. Thanks to the meticulous production process, Yen Tu apricot wine is gradually becoming a kind of wine gradually entering the international market.
  1. Where to buy Yen Tu wine and liquor from Ha Long?

Yen Tu apricot wine is a tourist specialty in Ha Long that cannot be missed. Yen Tu apricot wine gives visitors the flavor of Ha Long Quang Ninh land. If visitors are wondering about the specialties in Ha Long to buy as gifts for relatives, Yen Tu apricot wine is also the best choice. So where should visitors buy Yen Tu's dream wine when traveling to Ha Long? Like many other specialties of Ha Long, in order to enhance the image of Yen Tu wine in the heart of tourists, Yen Tu apricot wine is also sold quite a lot in Ha Long. Tourists can easily buy wine from Yen Tu apricot in some places such as Ha Long night market, Cai Dam market, places of stop in Ha Long ... When buying Yen Tu apricot wine, visitors should keep in mind the preservation of dry, cool place to avoid direct sunlight, so as not to affect the quality of alcohol. To sip with Yen Tu apricot, visitors can buy additional items such as dried squid, squid meatball ... Indeed, Yen Tu apricot is a special dish that many tourists have tried and loved Ha Long. Yen Tu apricot wine deserves to be a specialty in the list of indispensable gifts when traveling to Ha Long.