Halong Bay experience from a great aspect


There is a saying that goes:" if you have not visted Halong Bay, you have not been to Vietnam". Nowadays, there are hundred choices for you to make a trip in Halong Bay. However, to get a so different perception that will become an unforgettable memory, it will be not easy to choose a cruise among plenty ones. There comes Orchid Cruise, which will satisfy your expectations the most.

“Wow! Just beautiful…” he surprised when the bus door opened, “… and comfortable as well”, his first feeling since he sat on the chair. At that moment, the driver smiled as he had seen it for many times. Not like any other cruise in Halong Bay, the bus will take only 2 hours from Hanoi to Azalea Cruise. The shorter you stay on the car, the less tired you will be. If you have no interest in sight-seeing on the road, close your eyes for a short nap, then open them you will see the cruise already.

“The beach was so crowded. Trash is floating in the water” – she commented about the trip when her friends asked for advice if they should visit Halong bay or not. Of course, after hearing these words, their excitement suddenly disappeared & no mood for the plan anymore. In fact, sometime you will see these words in someone’s review on websites. There is no argument that at some points where the local people (fishermen) live & work or it is a popular sight-seeing scene, it will be hard to keep it clean all times. With Azalea Cruises route, the guest will enjoy the wildest parts of Halong Bay with emerald water almost their trip. There is no way you will join an overcrowded or dirty beach. As they usually say it in a funny way to the guest:” we bought the whole beach for you. It is all yours now”. Even it is a joke but in some aspects, it is a truth as well, since there will be only the guest of Azalea Cruises kayaking & swimming at the destination. “Love it!”, “The water is so clean, the sand is just like you bring it from Hawaii” – he smiled.

Surprise Grotto could be the most famous name when you search for a tour in Halong Bay. It is no exaggeration that about 99% of cruises (both day & night one) will take their guests to that scene. As a result, it will be always full of visitors. What you are seeing will not be the beauty of the nature anymore. Meanwhile, Azalea Cruises will bring you to another destination, where the scene is purely natural & never get crowded. When the tour is going to its end, mostly every guest shows their great satisfaction to the crew, gives them the warmest hugs or handshake like the way they were welcomed; but also expresses their regret when they have to leave. Farewell Halong Bay, farewell Azalea Cruises. Thanks for a great experience you gave. See you someday!