Ha Long Specialty – Peanut Worms


The desire to travel to Ha Long by many tourists is surely not only to discover attractive tourist spots but also to experience the specialties of Ha Long. In many of Ha Long's specialty dishes, have you ever heard of peanuts? In this article, Viet Fun Travel will introduce specifically to visitors about the strange and medium-sized peanut dish of Ha Long beach resort. Please continue to accompany Viet Fun Travel in this article to discover interesting things in this special dish.
Ha Long Specialty – Peanut Worms
  1. Introduction to peanut worms

With many tourists going to Ha Long tour, perhaps the name of peanut worms is still strange. Peanut worms are a type of seafood. This type is common in the waters of Van Don and Mong Cai, Quang Ninh province. Peanut worms are shaped like a colourful worm. In the past, peanuts were one of the rare seafood types. They are exploited as tributes for the king and mandarins. Only rich people are eligible to use. Peanut worms can also be used as a vigour enhancer. Peanut worms can be processed in a ready-to-eat way or used to make medicine by soaking it in salt water, or drying. Today, peanut worms are a specialty used freshly in daily meals of Quang Ninh people. Peanut worms are specially used in traditional noodle dishes of Hanoi and Nam Dinh, in order to sweeten the broth.
  1. Processing of peanut worms in Quang Ninh

With Quang Ninh peanut worms, people here often use both types of fresh peanuts worms and dry peanuts worms. Each type of peanut worms will be processed into different dishes, with its own unique flavor. Fresh peanut worms are small but can be processed into many attractive dishes such as grilled peanut worms with chili salt, deep fried, stir-fried peanut worms with sweet and sour sauce, fresh peanut worms dipped in mustard extremely delicious and nutritious. According to the taste of the locals of Ha Long, fresh peanuts worms can be processed into a lot of delicious dishes, but for them the best is still a grilled peanut dish with chili sauce, salt and pepper and peanut worms salad. So if traveling to Ha Long, do not forget to miss this grilled peanut worms dish of Ha Long. Peanut worms are also a favorite dish of gentlemen. Not only is a delicious dish, but peanut worms also bring a lot of nutrients to the body. Peanut worms have a sweet taste, coolness, effective in healing properties. Dry peanuts worms are a special gift that attracts many tourists. Visitors who buy dry peanuts worms can cook them with broth to increase the sweetness and richness for broth. In addition, visitors can process them into the roasted dish or deep-fried dish. Dry peanut worms are quite expensive, so when buying dry peanut worms, you should pay attention to buying peanut worms with ivory white, good peanut worms are thick, about 7 - 15cm long and have a characteristic smell of marine seafood.
  1. Where you can enjoy and buy peanut worms?

When travelling to Ha Long, do not forget to miss the opportunity to enjoy the dishes prepared with peanuts worms. Guests can try to enjoy salt-and-pepper grilled peanuts in pubs along the coast of Ha Long. For dry peanuts, visitors can visit and buy in dry food area at Ha Long market, Cai Dam market or at the stops of passenger cars when going to Ha Long ... In addition, visitors can explore more tourist specialties in Ha Long. There are many other interesting specialties in Ha Long and visitors can learn about the sea of ​​Ha Long too. Indeed, peanuts worms are a very delicious and strange dish of Ha Long. Tourists travelling to Ha Long do not miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes from peanut worms. The peanut worms dish is rustic but surely will bring to visitors the great taste. Peanut worms will also be an extremely meaningful gift that tourists can buy to give to their relatives, colleagues and friends after their trip to Ha Long.