Experience On One Day With Halong Amazing Cruise - Luxury Day Tour


Halong Amazing Cruise is one of the best experiences for anyone who comes to this land. Coming to Amazing Sails, you will enjoy all the high-end services that Halong Amazing Cruise would like to carefully offer visitors, such as high-quality bus picking you up to Halong, accommodating and welcoming care from the professional tour guide and staff. On Halong Amazing Cruise, tourists will take pleasure in lunch like a king with luxury dishes made from an amazing chef, enjoy a poetic sunset party in gentle sea wind and relax in a large sundeck with lovely sunshine. In addition to that, coming to Halong Amazing Cruise, tourists also have a chance to visit amazing destinations which are carefully chosen on tour and at the same time, widen your knowledge of Vietnam history and learn the interesting culture and local life of the Halong Bay from these place they visit. This article will show you some details about these destinations on Halong Amazing Cruise - Luxury day tour.
Experience On One Day With Halong Amazing Cruise - Luxury Day Tour

Tien Ong Cave – “Home” of ancient Halong People

Tien Ong Cave - also known as Cai Duc Cave, is located on Cai Tai Island, belonging to Hang Trai Island cluster, right behind Cua Van fishing village on Ha Long Bay. Previously, French called it Grotle du Cieau. 75 years ago, in 1938, the Swedish archaeologist named J. Anderson had a journey to survey the vestiges of ancient Vietnamese along the coast and on the islands of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long, including Tien Ong cave. There, he discovered huge layers of sediment full filled with stream snails and some fairly primitive stone tools. Tien Ong Cave has been marked as an archaeological site on the map of the distribution of relics of ancient Ha Long people on Ha Long Bay since that discovery. Nowadays, visitors on Halong Amazing Cruise coming to Tien Ong Cave will admire antiquities of ancient Halong people. While most of the caves in Ha Long Bay have a common feature, the cave mouth is just small enough but inside the cave is very wide, the Tien Ong cave has the opposite structure. The mouth of the cave is very wide (70m), like a "frog's mouth". In the middle of the cave, the stalagmites and stalactites from the top and from the bottom, forming a curtain dividing the cave into two compartments. In the inner compartment, there is a stalactite block, looking like Buddha, therefore, the fishermen named the cave as Tien Ong cave (means Buddha cave).

Cua Van Fishing Village – The ancient image of Halong Bay

If Ha Long Bay is a masterpiece of nature, Cua Van fishing village is the masterpiece created by human hands. Cua Van fishing village is in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, about 20km from the tourist pier. The village is floating houses located in calm sea water, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains named Va Gia - Cua Van. The extremely romantic scenery here will surely leave a deep impression in the minds of tourists on Halong Amazing Cruise when they have been to the village. Boats, as well as floating houses decorated with eye-catching colours, create an exciting and sparkling image on the bay. The lives of the residents here are so peaceful, not disturbed by the noisy or bustling modern life. And from the ancient features, charming beauty, Cua Van fishing village has preserved a typical traditional culture that makes Journeyetc.com tourism website put it in the list of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world in 2012. Cua Van fishing village originated from two ancient fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, namely Giang Vong and Truc Vo. Along with other tourist destinations on Halong Amazing Cruise, Cua Van becomes an indispensable part of Ha Long Bay tourism.