Delicious Dishes Should Not Be Missed In Halong


Ha Long is a huge tourist destination in Vietnam recognized as a world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. Ha Long is a Vietnamese destination with thousands of majestic mountain islands and immense sky and sea. In addition to the beautiful scenes, Ha Long also has many special culinary specialties, bringing the typical salty taste of the sea.
Delicious Dishes Should Not Be Missed In Halong

White sticky rice - squid meatball

White sticky rice made from fragrant glutinous rice, served with delicious golden fried squid meatball, dipped in fish sauce with a little bit of pepper.

Rolled sheets with squid meatball:

Rolled sheets made from meat, mushrooms, fungus, fragrant fried onion, accompanied by specialties of Ha Long squid meatball, creating attractive, unforgettable taste.

Dishes made from Ngan

Ngan is a bivalve mollusk like clam, which can be processed in many ways: grilled, steamed, cooked with porridge, fried with noodles or vegetables. It can also be used to make liquor. The liquor made from ngan has a very distinct aroma of the sea.

Peanut worms

Peanut worms are also called sandworms, a type of seafood that is probably only available in Ha Long. Stir-fried fresh peanuts worms with parsley garlic is a delicious dish people on Halong tour enjoy so much. Dried peanut worms has dark color, baked or roasted, crunchy suitable to be a snack accompanied with liquor, especially as a spice for pho broth. Peanut worms are quite rare, if the price is very high.

Horseshoe crab

Horseshoe crab is an extremely attractive specialty in Ha Long, is an arthropod. Horseshoe crab can be processed into a lot of different delicious and strange dishes such as Horseshoe crab soup, Horseshoe crab salad, fried pork leg with sweet and sour, stir-fried Horseshoe crab with chilli and lemongrass, crispy fried Horseshoe crab, stir-fried Horseshoe crab egg with la lot leaves, steamed Horseshoe crab, roasted Horseshoe crab cartilage, Horseshoe crab stir-fried with vermicelli ...

Fermented pork meat of Quang Yen town:

Raw materials for making nem (fermemted pork meat) are popular. The pig's skin is cut into small fibers, thinh gao is made of beans or roasted rice and roasted peanuts, all mixed together really well. The dish made and looked very simple, but through the secret of processing, mixing and making the sauce, people make a simple dish typical of the countryside become strange and attractive.

Tien Yen mulard:

Mulard is a hybrid between the different genera of domestic duck, has both delicious flavor of two genera and through the hands of Tien Yen people, it becomes more and more delicious. Tien Yen people made the meat of the mulard and processed its special sauce. A fragrant sauce with the flavor of Cai Rong, Van Yen and Cat Hai fish sauce, mixed with the sweet and flavorful taste of Quang Tay sarsi with the sweet spicy taste of ginger in Tien Yen.

Sticky liquor of Hoanh Bo in Ha Long:

Liquor is made from local specialty sticky rice. Sticky rice is not pounded, cooked and put into brewing. When being brewed and meet the standard, people put in brewing with the leave yeast taken from Hoanh Bo forest, after a while when it turns into liquor, the liquor will be poured into jars to drink gradually. Sticky liquor with Hoanh Bo is sour and sweet, has the effect of stimulating digestion, refreshing very well, especially in the summer.