Bai Tu Long Bay


Bai Tu Long Bay

Quang Ninh Province has two famous beautiful bays in Vietnam. In addition to Ha Long Bay, which has been ranked by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, Bai Tu Long Bay is named as one of the most romantic paradises of the island and sea tourism in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Bai Tu Long Bay
  1. Overview of Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is one of the two largest bays (Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay) located in the Gulf of Tonkin area. Bai Tu Long Bay area consists of 1 part of Ha Long City, Cam Pha City and Van Don Island District. Inside Bai Tu Long Bay, there are hundreds of large and small tourist islands for tourists to visit and travel. Bai Tu Long Bay is related to the legend of dragons. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor ask the Mother Dragon and the Dragon to help the Vietnamese fight against foreign invaders. When you see the battleship of the enemy, the mother dragon and the baby dragon spew out countless Treasures sinking the enemy ships. After defeating the invaders, Mother Dragon and Child Dragon stayed in the place where the battle took place. The place where the Mother Dragon landed is Ha Long Bay, the Child Dragon is Bai Tu Long, the treasure later become islands of different large and small size. Touring Ha Long to Bai Tu Long Bay, visitors will see more than a hundred islands large and small. Some islands also have beautiful blue beaches such as Minh Chau island, Quan Lan island, Ngoc Vung island ... In addition, there are many famous tourist places on Bai Tu Long bay for tourists to visit such as Bai Tu Long National Park, Thong Thien Cave, Cua Ong Temple, etc.
  1. When should you go to Bai Tu Long Bay?

The climate in Bai Tu Long Bay is divided into summer and winter. Summer in Bai Tu Long Bay is quite hot and rainy (heavy rain in June - July). Winter in the bay is quite cold, the temperature is from 15-18oC, in the last months of the year the temperature can drop to 10oC. The most popular time for domestic tourists to Bai Tu Long Bay in March-May and August - October. Meanwhile, international tourists prefer Ha Long tourism in the last months of the year, from December. - January next year because this is their winter holiday.
  1. What to eat when going to Bai Tu Long Bay?

Bai Tu Long Bay is one of Ha Long's tourist destinations famous for dishes made from seafood such as snails, crabs, tu hai (Lutraria rhynchaena), etc. The tu hai is a fairly expensive type of seafood and has high nutritional value. they are cultivated quite a lot on the islands of Bai Tu Long Bay, therefore, visitors can easily enjoy delicious grilled dishes and steamed dishes when using tu hai when travelling here. Besides cultivating is rare and precious seafood, on Bai Tu Long bay, there is another species of seafood that is also precious like gold. Peanut worms are o much on Quan Lan island. Visitors to Quan Lan island can buy fresh peanut worms at a cheaper price than the prices bought in Ha Long markets. Some other specialties of Ha Long tourism in Bai Tu Long bay tourists should enjoy when traveling here is green crab with green pepper sauce, banh gat gu, canh ngan...
  1. What to play when going to Bai Tu Long Bay?

Cruises on Bai Tu Long Bay A boat trip to visit the islands on Bai Tu Long Bay is a very interesting experience. Guests will be seated on a boat and visiting many small and large islands on the bay, watching the beautiful Bai Tu Long natural landscape while the boat moves. Come to Bai Tu Long National Park Bai Tu Long National Park is one of the largest nature reserves located on Bai Tu Long Bay. In the national park there are many pristine rock islands with many rare and precious animals and plants such as Ba Muoi island, Tra Ngo Lon, Tra Ngo Nho, Hon Chinh, etc Bai Tu Long Bay tourism is an extremely attractive trip to see the beauty of one of the 2 famous bays. If you have come to Ha Long Bay, you should take a boat to Bai Tu Long Bay for sightseeing. A lot of great things are waiting for you.