Bai Chay Beach


Mentioning Ha Long Bay, many tourists immediately think of Bai Chay. As an artificial beach, why is Bai Chay famous and so popular?

Bai Chay beach

The first attraction of Bai Chay is the beach in this place. Bai Chay Beach is located along Ha Long Bay and is an artificial beach. Although not from nature, this beach is very beautiful and wide with 1000m in length and 100m in width. The sandy beach is flat with fine sand and above is a low hill running gently towards the sea.
Bai Chay Beach
Ancient pine trees, green casuarina rows lie dotted on white sand, making the Bai Chay scenery even more radiant. In the peak season of Ha Long tourism, Bai Chay beach is full of people bathing, sunbathing, playing with sand or watching the scene. There is also a bathroom system, wc, public trash cleaned daily. There are rescue forces on the sea. Guests can freely swim and play exciting games such as water buoy houses, fly high speed boats, water motorbikes ... Besides, there are also outdoor bars on the beach, food and drink shops for tourists. In the evening, many bars have live music and lively young music for tourists.

Bai Chay Bridge

Speaking of Bai Chay, it is impossible to mention the famous Bai Chay bridge. Completed in 2006, Bai Chay Bridge set a record for the cable-stayed bridge with the largest arches in the world. The length of the bridge reaches 903 meters. Connecting Bai Chay and Hon Gai through Cua Luc Strait, the bridge has both modern and beautiful architecture and the point of adding beauty to Ha Long. Due to its beautiful location and harmonious architecture, Bai Chay Bridge is often chosen by locals and tourists as a sightseeing destination. Standing from the Bai Chay Bridge, visitors will enjoy the feeling of wind blowing from the sea and seeing great scenery. During the day, visitors can see the wonderful bay scene while watching the yachts passing by. At night, the lights on the bridge turn on, creating a sparkling feeling. Bai Chay Bridge is one of Ha Long's tourist destinations but very harmonious with the natural landscape here. Many people consider Bai Chay Bridge as "a romantic guitar" on Ha Long Bay.

Sun World Ha Long Park

This is a huge, majestic and extremely interesting entertainment area right in Bai Chay tourist area. Sun World entertainment complex has a total area of ​​214ha and is divided into different areas. The first is the cable car of the Queen connecting between the entertainment area on the coast of Ha Long and the resort on the top of Ba Deo mountain. This cable car route takes visitors to a height of 188.8 meters and visitors can unleash the view of Ha Long from above. Before the Queen's cable car route was born, visitors could only see Ha Long from above by seaplane or by balloon game. Next, Sun World has a solar rotation on the top of Ba Deo mountain. The total height is 215 meters, the turnaround time is 15 minutes, the Sun rotation helps visitors see Ha Long Bay from many angles, both interesting and romantic. Sun World Park also has a Japanese Garden Zen Garden. This is a garden designed to inspire the famous Korakuen garden of Japan. Zen Garden has a sub-landscape of Mount Fuji, Koi fish lake, many kinds of trees ... well decorated and elaborately wished to exude a Japanese-style space. Not only that, Sun World also has Park Dragon Park with many exciting games and thrilling games and many interesting water games. For more information/details: Halong Amazing SailsHalong Amazing CruiseAmazing Sails Luxury Day Tour