Chu Dong Tu Temple

About 25km from Hanoi capital along the banks of the Red River dike, Chu Dong Tu temple is located in Da Hoa village, Binh Minh commune which is the main temple to worship the holy spirit of Chu Dong Tu – one of The Four Immortals in Vietnam, attracting the interest of many tourists in Hanoi.

Chu Dong Tu Temple

  1. Learn about the Chu Dong Tu Temple – Hung Yen

Temple of Saint Chu Dong Tu is built in many provinces and cities of our country. Located 25km from Hanoi capital along the banks of the Red River dike, in Hung Yen province, there are currently two temples of Chu Dong Tu. Both temples are sacred spiritual tourist sites of Hung Yen people.

The first temple is the main temple located in Da Hoa village, Binh Minh commune. The temple is located on the banks of the Red River dike, overlooking the Tu Nhien reef, where Chu Dong Tu and Princess Tien Dung met for the first time. The second temple is located in Yen Vinh village, Da Trach commune, where Saint Chu Dong Tu and his wife fly back to heaven.

Chu Dong Tu Temple, located in Da Hoa village, was classified as a national cultural heritage by the government in 1962. So far, Da Hoa Chu Dong Tu Temple is an ancient temple that attracts many visitors to Hanoi tours. to visit. Tourists come to Chu Dong Tu Temple to worship, visit the pagoda and enjoy the beauty of Tu Nhien reef in the heart of the Red River.

  1. Discover the architecture of Chu Dong Tu Da Hoa temple

The Temple of Chu Dong Tu Da Hoa is located on a high and flat land, with an area of ​​18,720 m2. The temple gate consists of two very large stone pillars, facing the Tu Nhien reef. The overall architecture inside the Chu Dong Tu temple consists of 18 ancient tiled roof houses like 18 curved bow boats. The temple is divided into 3 areas: the outer area, the Ngo Mon (Main Gate) and the inner area.

The area outside the temple is 7,200m2 and very flat. The highlight of the outside area is a 2-storey high stele house under the shadow of the ancient banyan tree. From the stele house, there is a stone path 8m wide leading to Ngo Mon area.

Ngo Mon area of ​​the temple has 3 doors: 1 main door is a 3-storey tall and ancient building, on top of it is carved with dragons. This door is only open for special occasions. Located on either side of the main door are two side doors that are open daily to welcome visitors.

The area inside Chu Dong Tu temple includes many worshiping works such as Dai Te, Thieu Huong, Cung De Nhi, Cung De Tam, Hau Cung. In addition to the architectural works imbued with Buddhism, the Chu Dong Tu Da Hoa Temple also preserves many rare and precious relics that the tourist sites in Hanoi do not have. The most prominent among the relics is a pair of Bach Tho vases (100 different words of “Tho” engraved on the pottery). In the Palace, the statue of Chu Dong Tu and the two wives are cast in bronze.

  1. Discover the temple of Chu Dong Tu Da Trach

Chu Dong Tu Da Trach Temple is located on an open space near the Da Trach lagoon. Inside the temple, there are worshiping works such as Lau Chuong, Ho Nguyet lake and Dien Tho. The scene of Chu Dong Tu Da Trach temple is ancient and wild. The temple was ranked as a national cultural monument by the state in 1988.

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Tips To Choose Specialties When Traveling To Ha Long

One of the interesting pleasures when traveling is to choose local specialties as gifts for family and friends and so is traveling to Ha Lon. The article below is the tips to choose specialties when traveling to Ha Long for visitors to gain more experience during their trip.

Tips To Choose Specialties When Traveling To Ha Long

  1. What specialties does Ha Long have?

Ha Long has both a sea and a mountain with a rich ecosystem, flora and fauna, so the specialties of this land are also very diverse; in which, there are some specialties that tourists love:

– Squid meatball: Made from fresh squid caught in Ha Long sea, it has its own flavor. Fresh squid is crushed until smooth and sticky, then mixed with small squid pieces from beards, squid heads so that the patties are more crispy. People marinate the squid meatball with spice in order to squid pieces taste well. This can be considered as the most famous specialty of Ha Long, usually costing several hundred thousand dongs/kg depending on the type of squid used.

– Dried squid: A large area like Ha Long, dried squid is a specialty that tourists often choose. There are 3 types: large, medium and small. Ha Long dried squid has a pinkish white color, has toughness, sweetness and richness, straight body, thin squid tail. The price of dried squid is usually between VND 500,000 and VND 700,000.

– Dried peanut worms: One of the most expensive specialties in Ha Long because peanut worms are quite rare. This is a strange, rich and nutritious seafood. The price of dried peanut worm is up to several million VND / kg.

– Ngan wine: Ha Long has a famous type of seafood which is ngan and locals have used ngan to make wine. The secret to choosing specialties when traveling to Ha Long is that Ha Long wine must have a spicy and aromatic flavor of wine, the sweet and slightly bitter taste of the ngan, when you drink it, you can feel the salty taste of the sea. Ngan wine costs several hundred thousand 1 liter.

– Souvenirs from the sea: These are necklaces, key chains, decorations made from seashells, shells cleverly combined by the locals into lovely items. Price from a few tens of thousands to several hundred thousand a item.

– Jewelry: The most prominent jewelry in Ha Long is pearl. There are many tours to Ha Long organized for visitors to visit the process of making pearls in some establishments. There are many types of pearl jewelry with different prices, depending on whether the pearls are naturally caught or artificially cultured.

  1. Select Ha Long specialties by month

Ha Long has many specialties and specialties are usually sold throughout the four seasons. Therefore, visitors can easily buy specialties no matter what month they come to Ha Long. However, there are some suggestions for travelers who want to choose to buy specials by month:

– Coming to Ha Long in January, February, and March – spring: According to the tips of choosing specialties when traveling to Ha Long on Tet, visitors can choose to buy pearl jewelry, fried squid, ngan liquor. Jewelry to refresh themselves when spring comes, squid meaball to change the taste for rice tray on Tet holiday which was too much meat, ngan wine to invite friends to the house for Tet.

– Traveling to Ha Long in April, May and June – the summer, visitors can buy souvenirs from the sea, or dried squid. In the bright summer sun and dry climate, visitors will often walk the sea and the streets and will see many souvenir stalls selling eye-catching. The dried squid is also suitable for visitors to take home as gift for friends and family.

– Coming to Ha Long in July, August, and September, visitors can buy dried peanut worms. The cool climate of autumn will prevent visitors from feeling too hot when entering the kitchen. Dried peanut worms are suitable for processing a variety of dishes, especially for cooking Pho. Noodle soup cooked with dried peanut worm has a natural sweetness, although you do not stew bones or add MSG.

– Going to Ha Long in October, 11, 12 is the winter, visitors can buy ngan wine. This is the original wine often used by locals to avoid the cold of the cold season. Thanks to its strange taste, the wine was gradually sold throughout the four seasons.

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Halong Tourism Handbook (Part 1) – Halong Centre Tourist Destinations

Thien Cung cave: Thien Cung cave is located north of Dau Go island, 4km from the tourist ship port to the south. The cave is nearly 10,000m² with a very complex structure, including many levels, many compartments with very high and wide ceilings and walls. Especially in the cave, everywhere we see countless stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes.

Halong Tourism Handbook (Part 1) - Halong Centre Tourist Destinations

Dau Go Cave: Located on the top of Dau Go island, about 300m from Thien Cung cave. The cave has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Thanks to the expansion of the cave gate, the humidity in the cave are high and the impact of sunlight creates the development of diverse flora, especially moss, ferns and wood plants … This is a distinct feature compared to many other caves on Ha Long Bay.

Me Cung Cave: is located at a height of 25m on Lo Bo Island, about 2km southwest of Ti Top island. From a distance, it looks like a roof deeply ingrained in the island flank. The Me Cung Cave has a complex multi-storey structure, many compartments, and spans spread out within the rocky roof with more than 100m long corridors, gradually higher to the west and overlooking down on a small lake called Me Cung Lake.

Trong cave and Trinh Nu Cave: Located on two sides of a small mountain arc east of the Bo Hon island, more than 3km from the Sung Sot cave by sea to the southeast. The two caves are 700-800m apart, through a small beach. The gate of the caves looks toward different directions. From the one cave, shouting loudly, you can listen to this sound in the other cave.

These two caves not only have a lot of stalactites and beautiful scenery but also attract tourists for a very heart-touching legend. In a cave, there is a horizontal rock that looks like a girl lying with her hair reaching out to the sea so it is called the Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave. The other cave had a very high stalactite that looked like a giant boy standing to look out to sea. The villagers said that on the big and windy days, going over here heard the sound of the wind hitting the cliff like a drum sound and they called this cave Hang Trong (Drum).

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Interesting experiences in Halong Bay (Part 1)

In the tourist map of the travelling lovers, it will be a very shortcoming if you ignore Ha Long. This place is not new but always fascinated by the natural landscape and beautiful scenery. Thanks to the spectacular natural scenery, cool blue waters, Ha Long Bay always attract tourists with many interesting and novel experiences.

Interesting experiences in Halong Bay (Part 1)

Overnight in the bay

Have you ever experienced and enjoyed the magic feeling when watching the sunset of Halong Bay on the deck in the middle of the immense waves or catching the first rays of light of sunrise on the immense sea? The cruise ship is like a miniature hotel, with its private room, with clean blankets, air-conditional and a private bathroom. It is interesting that you can just relax in the private cabin and open the window, you will see the majestic mountains, seawater, fishes, jellyfish swimming right under the window of the room; and at night you can also go on the deck to watch the stars, admiring the sea at night.

Kayaking Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay was once voted by National Geographic Adventures magazine as one of the top 25 Kayak tourist destinations in the world. If travelling to Ha Long Bay you do not experience the journey to explore the bay by Kayak boat, it is a shortcoming in Halong amazing trip. When sitting on a small Kayak boat, just paddle the paddle in the blue water, just watching the fascinating nature, you will feel simple but equally interesting things.

Visiting beautiful caves

Travelling to Ha Long Bay is considered by many tourists as the ink wash painting of nature, created with perfect beauty. And in that ink picture, besides “water and rocks” as many people often say, this place is also famous for beautiful and unique caves. Each cave of Ha Long has an interesting name, which makes visitors be interested in exploring such as Thien Cung cave(Heaven), Sung Sot cave(Surprise), Luon cave, Dau Go cave, Hanh cave, …

Conquering Bai Tho Mountain

From the summit of Bai Tho mountain, 168m high – one of the highest mountains in Ha Long, you can admire the whole Halong scenery with the most major roads of Ha Long City as well as the world natural heritage of Halong Bay. Long Ha Long Bay will be miniatured completely in your sight with hundreds of colourful limestone mountains created by the miraculous hand of Mother Nature. The road along the coast is like a small silk strip hugging the whole city with Bai Chay bridge, Doan wharf, Dong Ho column.

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Where Should We Visit In Halong Bay?

Ha Long is favored by nature for its fresh climate and many beautiful landscapes. Coming here, visitors spoiled for exploring many attractive destinations. Here is the list of places visitors should visit when coming to Ha Long.

Bai Chay Beach

  1. Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is a large and beautiful artificial beach located on the banks of Ha Long Bay with white sand stretching, smooth and clear water. Bai Chay is a great choice for travelers to Ha Long. In the summer, Bai Chay attracts a large number of tourists to play and swim.

Coming to Bai Chay, visitors can experience many modern entertainment services such as underwater buoys, water motorbikes, flying high-speed boats … Besides, the beach is also equipped with many convenient services and benefits such as free wifi, team building play area or beach bars serving fast food and drinks for everyone.

Nothing is more amazing when coming to Bai Chay, in addition to swimming, visitors can freely surf the web, read newspapers, post family photos and share with people on social networks or lie in cool and peaceful space.

  1. Ba Hang fishing village

Ba Hang is an ancient fishing village located in Ha Long Bay, about 3 km south of Tuan Chau international tourist port. Ba Hang fishing village is a few hundred hectares wide, dotted with islands that are soaring and attractive by deep caves.

The life of the fishing villages was quite peaceful before. When visitors pay more attention, Ba Hang becomes more bustling and hustling than ever.

Go to Ba Hang fishing village, visitors can visit and learn about the life of the fishing village. Besides, tourists can rent boats to visit the rocky islands, the numerous mountain caves and all the wonderful nature around the fishing village. If you want to sleep again, you can stay in temporary houses on the boat. People here are friendly and gentle so visitors can be assured.

  1. Dragon Park Ha Long

If you join in Halong Bay Tours with family or group of friends and want to find interesting games for both adults and children, go to Dragon Park. This is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia located in Sun World Ha Long Park – the largest entertainment complex in the North.

Dragon Park offers a spacious space with many unique games, suitable for all visitors. To Dragon Park, visitors can enjoy themselves in exciting games such as raging rhinos, pirate ships, follow dragon footsteps, tropical yachts, marvellous Ferris … 100% of games at Dragon Park imported from Europe, rigorously tested to ensure safety for players.

It’s great to be able to immerse yourself in the game from the strong, strong feeling to the gentle games. Creative games such as bringing us back to childhood, familiar and lovely. Surely, Dragon Park will leave visitors with many memorable memories.

  1. Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum is considered by many to be beautiful – unique – strange. This is considered a perfect cultural project and a highlight for Ha Long City. Right from the beginning, Ha Long Museum has attracted many tourists to visit and take photos.

The façade of the building is as black as a giant mirror reflecting the image of Ha Long island, creating an unforgettable impression on tourists. This is also the “background” for “selfie” that many young people love.

The museum space consists of 3 floors, sketching out the most basic and typical features of the land of Quang Ninh. The layout here is not like other museums, it looks like a space with a European style. The museum is like a miniature Ha Long with many interesting and interesting things. Arriving in Ha Long, tourists should not ignore Quang Ninh Museum.

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Things To Note When Traveling Halong

Ha Long is one of the most vibrant and expensive tourist cities. Therefore, when visiting this place to enjoy and relax, visitors should note some things to make the trip more convenient. Here are some things to keep in mind when travelling to Ha Long that this article will share with visitors.

Things To Note When Traveling Halong

For travellers who travel in the first time

There are many tourists who like to go on the pakage tour because they are not worried about anything, they just need to go and enjoy the scenery. Therefore, when going to travel on your own, there will be a lot of surprises welcoming you. In order for the trip not to become a tiring and troubling experience, travellers should be prepared for the following:

– Calculate the cost of the trip: This is very important. Ha Long is a land with lots of interesting things, which can make visitors’ purse “dried” quickly. These are beautiful islands, comfortable yachts, majestic amusement parks, bustling commercial districts, etc.

Not only that, but visitors also need money to pay for hotel rooms, renting ships, food, money for gifts, buying speciality in Ha Long … Therefore, the calculation of the cost of the trip is very necessary. You can estimate how much money you need to spend a day and try not to spend too much.

– Hunting for promotional campaigns: Guests can hunt for cheap flights, food vouchers, hotel vouchers in Halong or even discounted yacht tours. All will help the travelling budget of Ha Long tourists save more.

– Bring appropriate luggage: Visitors should not carry too bulky luggage. Should wear appropriate clothing according to the season, a pair of comfortable walking shoes because in Ha Long visitors need to walk quite a lot. Tourists should also keep their personal belongings and personal belongings carefully because in the crowded places of Ha Long there are stealing and common baggage.

– Ask experiences from local people: An advantage and interesting of self-travel is that visitors can freely explore and experience the places they want to go without worrying about having to follow the group. Therefore, visitors should be sociable, get acquainted with the local people to learn from them beautiful places or restaurants that are delicious but cheap.

For those who have many travel experiences

Those who have a lot of travel experience, in addition, to carefully planning and arranging furniture, should note the following:

– Before going to the bath, visitors should start the body, jog … to avoid cramps when entering the water. Guests should not swim too far and in deserted places, but bathe in crowded beaches for immediate support.

– Summer Ha Long is quite hot, sunny so visitors need to bring sunscreen, swimming goggles, sunglasses, lotion … to protect the skin. Winter visitors should bring moisturizer to avoid dry skin.

– Do not bring a lot of jewellery when going to the beach and crowded places. Because waves can make visitors’ jewellery lost, in crowded places, it is easy to fall due to crowding or theft.

– According to Ha Long’s travel experience of many tourists, tourists participating in sea games such as kayaking, speeding, diving, etc. should follow the guide’s instructions. Should not arbitrarily separate groups or do their own will, that can be dangerous.

– When coming to Ha Long around June and July, tourists should carefully observe the weather forecast because this is a rainy season in Ha Long. Around this time, the prices of all services fell.

– Guests should not rent hotels, motels are too far from the places they plan to visit. Because of that, visitors will spend more time to travel by bus or spend more money to take a taxi.

– When you go to Ha Long night market and other markets to buy things, tourists should bargain and try not to show that you are a tourist to help cut down you cost more.

– When buying tours to visit the bay, yacht tour … tourists should learn carefully the travel company to avoid buying a bad quality tour.

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Bai Chay Beach

Mentioning Ha Long Bay, many tourists immediately think of Bai Chay. As an artificial beach, why is Bai Chay famous and so popular?

Bai Chay beach

The first attraction of Bai Chay is the beach in this place. Bai Chay Beach is located along Ha Long Bay and is an artificial beach. Although not from nature, this beach is very beautiful and wide with 1000m in length and 100m in width. The sandy beach is flat with fine sand and above is a low hill running gently towards the sea.

Bai Chay Beach

Ancient pine trees, green casuarina rows lie dotted on white sand, making the Bai Chay scenery even more radiant. In the peak season of Ha Long tourism, Bai Chay beach is full of people bathing, sunbathing, playing with sand or watching the scene.

There is also a bathroom system, wc, public trash cleaned daily. There are rescue forces on the sea. Guests can freely swim and play exciting games such as water buoy houses, fly high speed boats, water motorbikes … Besides, there are also outdoor bars on the beach, food and drink shops for tourists. In the evening, many bars have live music and lively young music for tourists.

Bai Chay Bridge

Speaking of Bai Chay, it is impossible to mention the famous Bai Chay bridge. Completed in 2006, Bai Chay Bridge set a record for the cable-stayed bridge with the largest arches in the world. The length of the bridge reaches 903 meters.

Connecting Bai Chay and Hon Gai through Cua Luc Strait, the bridge has both modern and beautiful architecture and the point of adding beauty to Ha Long. Due to its beautiful location and harmonious architecture, Bai Chay Bridge is often chosen by locals and tourists as a sightseeing destination.

Standing from the Bai Chay Bridge, visitors will enjoy the feeling of wind blowing from the sea and seeing great scenery. During the day, visitors can see the wonderful bay scene while watching the yachts passing by. At night, the lights on the bridge turn on, creating a sparkling feeling. Bai Chay Bridge is one of Ha Long’s tourist destinations but very harmonious with the natural landscape here. Many people consider Bai Chay Bridge as “a romantic guitar” on Ha Long Bay.

Sun World Ha Long Park

This is a huge, majestic and extremely interesting entertainment area right in Bai Chay tourist area. Sun World entertainment complex has a total area of ​​214ha and is divided into different areas. The first is the cable car of the Queen connecting between the entertainment area on the coast of Ha Long and the resort on the top of Ba Deo mountain. This cable car route takes visitors to a height of 188.8 meters and visitors can unleash the view of Ha Long from above. Before the Queen’s cable car route was born, visitors could only see Ha Long from above by seaplane or by balloon game.

Next, Sun World has a solar rotation on the top of Ba Deo mountain. The total height is 215 meters, the turnaround time is 15 minutes, the Sun rotation helps visitors see Ha Long Bay from many angles, both interesting and romantic.

Sun World Park also has a Japanese Garden Zen Garden. This is a garden designed to inspire the famous Korakuen garden of Japan. Zen Garden has a sub-landscape of Mount Fuji, Koi fish lake, many kinds of trees … well decorated and elaborately wished to exude a Japanese-style space.

Not only that, Sun World also has Park Dragon Park with many exciting games and thrilling games and many interesting water games.

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Halong At Night

After a day visiting Ha Long Bay, explore caves and rocky islands; take part in outdoor activities such as swimming, sailing … in the evening, enjoy a light meal and experience interesting activities in the heritage city … Now, let’s find out interesting activities when travelling in Ha Long at night.

Halong At Night

Enjoy seafood at Golden Crab Restaurant

Golden Crab Restaurant is located at 32 Phan Chu Trinh, Bai Chay, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh. This is a fairly famous seafood restaurant in Ha Long Bay. Visitors to Ha Long do not forget to enjoy dinner here once.

Seafood here is not only fresh, but also cleverly processed, giving visitors a rich flavor, fragrant. The menu of the restaurant is quite rich, including shrimp, crab, fish, squid, octopus, snail, clam … Especially, there is crab hotpot here highly recommended.

In addition to crab hotpot, the restaurant has many other unique dishes. Diners can freely choose dishes according to their preferences.

Overnight on Ha Long yacht

Ha Long tourism in the evening without trying the night sleep experience on the bay is an omission. Ha Long has hundreds of fleets specialized in serving tourists who sleep at night on the bay. Most of the ships here meet 4-star and 5-star standards. The bedrooms in the ship are designed luxuriously, beautifully and especially fully equipped. Experience the 5-star yacht that visitors think of as a class resort. The rooms here have beautiful views. From your bedroom, visitors can admire the beautiful nature of Ha Long Islands.

Instead of losing search for hotels, motels around the bay, visitors should stay overnight directly on the bay. This helps visitors save time and costs. When staying at the yacht, guests are comfortable to relax and have a tour of the captain’s itinerary.

The yacht will take visitors to each prominent location of Ha Long such as Hon Trong Mai, Hon Ong Su, Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave, Quan Lan Island etc. In addition, when participating in the overnight trip on The bay, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the moment the sun sets and spend the night on the yacht between the vast sea.

Discover Ha Long night market

Like the night market in other places, Ha Long night market is bustling and always attracts many tourists. Visitors to Ha Long often cannot ignore this beautiful night market. Ha Long Night Market is located in the Royal Tourism Complex – Bai Chay.

The market includes more than 100 stalls, selling many items such as clothes, shoes, hats, souvenirs, handicrafts, jewellery, backpacks … The market also has a food court that sells many items to eat specialities of Ha Long. After sightseeing hours, shopping freely, Guests can sit here for eating and relaxing.

The market is usually open from 6 pm until late at night. Therefor, visitors should consider the time to visit accordingly. A small note for visitors when going to the night market is to remember to ask the price and bargain when buying. Asking the price in advance and bargain help travellers choose the goods they like and match their “pockets”.

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Speciality Of Ha Long – Barnacle Soup

Ha Long is a tourist land with a lot of diverse and abundant dishes, so visitors will surely be hesitated to choose the dish to enjoy. In many special dishes of Ha Long, this article will introduce visitors to a traditional dish of Ha Long people – barnacle soup dishes. Discover the interesting things in this food.

Speciality Of Ha Long - Barnacle Soup

Barnacle soup – speciality of Ha Long

Along with many famous specialties in Ha Long such as squid meatball, Ha Long seafood vermicelli, Mulard, or seafood dishes … Barnacle soup dish is also a special dish of Ha Long that tourists should not miss if you have a chance to travel to Ha Long.

For Ha Long residents, the Barnacle soup is a regular dish that appears in family meals. It can be said that Barnacle soup is a dish associated with the maturity of each people of Ha Long.

The Barnacle soup is sure to be a dish that makes visitors fascinated when they enjoy it once in Ha Long beach.

Barnacle soup – a charming taste of the sea

Barnacle soup is one of the specialities of Ha Long tourism, which makes many tourists have to “remember” after finishing their Ha Long trip.

However, for many first-time tourists in Ha Long, the Barnacle soup is still strange.

Referring to the name of the Barnacle soup, everyone will understand that the main ingredient of this dish is Barnacle. So what is Barnacle? Barnacle is also typical seafood of Ha Long waters. Barnacle meat is a savoury, soft, fatty, rich and sweet. Barnacle is a delicious and nutritious seafood.

In order to be able to process soup dishes, the local people in Ha Long need to have the cooked meat. Separating the shells is one of the most difficult stages to process soup. Separation of the shell must be made with a sharp knife tip, after separation of the shells, it is necessary to rinse it again. For the locals of Ha Long, the Barnacle can be used to process many different dishes such as salad, stir-fried dish, Fried with egg, Porridge … However, Barnacle soup is still one of the dishes processed from the most typical Barnacle of Ha Long people.

Along with the main ingredient is Barnacle, the sweetness of the soup is also made from other ingredients such as tomatoes, pineapples, dried onions, green onions, tamarind, spices … The soup is cooked like those the normal sour soup but the delicious and strange taste of this dish is thanks to the deliciousness of the Barnacle meat that visitors can hardly find anywhere else.

The soup can be used hot or cold, but the hot soup is still the best. Barnacle soup is usually eaten by Ha Long locals with rice or vermicelli.

To enjoy Ha Long Barnacle soup, visitors can go to restaurants, restaurants for families. In addition, visitors can find fishing villages in Ha Long. In the Halong fishing villages, visitors can find fishermen and hire them to cook a Ha Long seafood soup.

Indeed, the Barnacle soup is an extremely popular, simple but quality food that contains a tremendous value of Ha Long cuisine. Barnacle soup is a special dish of Ha Long that always makes visitors remember after each of their trips. It is not only an attractive dish in form but also has many nutrients that give more power to visitors to begin their journey to discover Ha Long.

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Halong Specialty – Grilled Oysters

Among all the famous grilled seafood dishes in Ha Long, grilled oysters are probably the dish that any tourist who comes to Ha Long knows and wants to enjoy.

Halong Specialty – Grilled Oysters

Grilled oysters – extremely attractive speciality dishes

Oysters are mollusc seafood, rich in minerals and nutrition, can be processed into many delicious dishes. Unlike many other water areas, oysters in Ha Long are very fresh, savoury and delicious. In addition, oyster meat also tastes a bit salty taste of the sea, so there is no need to add too many spices when processing but still retain the strong taste of oysters. With its inherent taste, oysters are the raw material to process many delicious dishes such as fresh oysters with squeezed lemon, grilled oysters, oyster porridge, etc.

Among the dishes made from oyster meat, grilled oysters are dishes that are loved many tourists joining in Ha Long tour. Grilled oysters are also a simple dish sold a lot in the marine seafood cuisine areas, coastal restaurants, raft houses in Ha Long.

Ha Long grilled oysters are so popular that visitors can easily find roadside seafood shops that sell this dish. If you want to enjoy fresh and delicious grilled oysters, tourists should choose seafood shops in the 3 – 5 encampment, raft houses or Ben Doan …

Grilled oysters attract tourists

Roasted Oysters with fried scallion

In Ha Long tourism specialties, oysters are a specialty suitable for most grilled dishes. Simple grilled dishes that are most easily prepared from oysters are grilled oysters with fried scallion. Raw oysters after being washed will be put on a hot charcoal stove for grilling. When the oysters are nearly cooked, scatter onion, some spices, dried onions with be added on the oysters to create flavour and aroma full of stimulation for the dish. In order for the grilled oysters to be delicious, the chef will make oysters under-done instead of making it over-done.

Grilled oysters with cheese

Besides grilled oyster oysters, visitors should enjoy grilled oysters with cheese. This dish has quite simple processing. The oysters are washed, then grilled over charcoal with cheese until it becomes well-cooked. The sweetness of oysters combined with the fat of cheese makes a grilled oyster dish very tasty and nutritious.

In addition, some travellers also prefer to combine 2 types of grilled oysters to enjoy at the same time. This is also a popular way to eat oysters by many gourmets in Ha Long. In some big restaurants, there are oysters grilled with sweet and sour tamarind sauce, sasimi grilled oysters … very attractive and have a very special flavor.

Other oyster dishes in Ha Long

Besides grilled oysters, visitors to Ha Long can enjoy many delicious dishes made from oysters. The most delicious must include oysters with tamarind sauce. Sweet and fatty oysters combined with sourness of tamarind sauce are really stimulating people to eat. Served with the oyster dish with tamarind sauce also has herbs to add flavour to the dish. This is a simple dish so large restaurants and seafood restaurants near the beach have oysters with tamarind sauce in their menu.

In addition to oysters with tamarind sauce, another favourite dish of many people in Ha Long is the fresh oyster with lemon juice. In this dish, oysters must be washed thoroughly to remove all sand inside. When eating, visitors will squeeze lemon on oysters to make oyster meat cooked, then enjoy with fresh chilli and mustard. However, in order to make delicious oysters with lemon juice, raw oysters must be really fresh.

The addresses of delicious grilled oysters in Ha Long

Grilled oysters are popular specialities with the price of 30,000 – 50,000 VND / fish, so there are many restaurants and bars selling this dish.

Special Snail 290: No. 347, Lane 8, Cao Thang, Hon Gai.

Address 290 Special Snails are known by many tourists, specializing in selling sea shellfish, crab, oyster, dried squid, etc. The grilled oyster at the shop is quite cheap, only 20,000 VND / oyster. In addition to grilled oyster oysters, the restaurant also has very good boiled stone snails.

Ngoc Son Restaurant: No. 538 Cai Dam, Bai Chay.

Ngoc Son Restaurant is famous for grilled dishes such as grilled snails, grilled squid, grilled oysters, grilled chicken legs … In addition to the grilled dishes, the restaurant also has very attractive snacks such as stir-fry snail, sautéed snails with tamarind… With only 100,000 VND / person, visitors can enjoy delicious seafood dishes in Ha Long at the restaurant.

Grilled oysters are delicious seafood dishes that tourists should try when traveling to Ha Long. There are also still many special dishes beside grilled oysters waiting for visitors at the beautiful Halong Bay resort.

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